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Telehealth and virtual training are convenient ways to help you reach your movement goal. However, not every person is a good candidate for this mode of training or care.

With a virtual consultation, we will discuss your complaints, goals, and history to determine if telehealth or virtual training is appropriate. 

Time: Up to 30 minutes

Injury Risk

Virtual Training Sessions: 

Customized 4 weeks program

 30min Live video sessions


Weekly goals and check-ins

General nutrition recommendations

Total: $97


Hybrid Training Program:

Customized 4 week program

Weekly goals and check-ins

General nutrition recommendations

Total: $55

Independent Training Program:

Customized 4 week program

Total: $30


Telehealth has been the new wave due to the pandemic and social distancing requirements. Even prior to the pandemic, making it to a PT appointment was difficulty for many. Having a virtual option for simple cases that offer flexible times can increase compliance and outcomes.

To determine if you're a eligible to receive services virtually, a consultation is required. 


Physical Therapy is available virtually for AR residents only at this time.

Insurance currently not accepted


The first step to increasing patient liberation from passive healthcare is to provide every patient with the information needed to make the best healthcare decisions that suits their needs  .

You can expect to learn through written content as well by check out our blog! You can expect new entries twice a month. 

Check out the Live streaming EVERY SUNDAY

Self Care Sunday: Live @ 5 

Delivering free game to help individuals make informed healthcare decisions 

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