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Do I need a referral for physical therapy? (AR residents only)

A referral for physical therapy services is not required. However, if you need services for bronchopulmonary hygiene, debridement and wound care, a physicians referral is necessary.

Where are you located?

ADAPT is a now a virtual business and available to meet you at any location that best suits you and the demands of your sport or activity. 


What can I expect?

The first consultation is at no cost to you and allows each patients and clients to gain a better understanding of what they're up against before proceeding. The initial full evaluation or fitness assessment will involve examination of your movement quality, strength, and tolerance with different activities. From here, your therapist or trainer will synthesize the data and provide you with a game plan moving forward. 


What should I wear?

Minimally restrictive clothing with the ability to expose the injured area is ideal. Example: comfortable shorts, sweat/yoga pants, short sleeve top, tank top, etc.

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