Jerrica “JT” Thomas has been liberating fitness enthusiasts, industrial athletes , recreational sport participants,  and professional athletes from movement impairments and chronic pain since 2014. She has helped athletes overcome overuse injuries, poor athletic training capacities and inefficient movement qualities needed to get the job done— Jerrica enjoys it all. She has a proven track record for getting people back to doing what they love most! She’s  board certified in sports and has a passion for helping athletes decrease risk of injury through prehab and maintenance care programs. She is currently serving as regional PT for USA track and filed that requires frequent travels. In an effort to continue to serve residents of Northwest Arkansas, ADAPT is transitioning to virtual services. 

Dr. J-- "helping athletes of all ages and platforms preserve the longevity of their career."

Degrees: Doctor of Physical Therapy ; BS Kinesiology 

Certifications: Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist

Born: Mississippi

Lives: Florida 

PT School: Arkansas State University 

Undergrad: University of Louisiana- Monroe 



Jerrica Thomas